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So just to start, it wouldn't pass classification,
With war death, blood, battles, rape and lacerations,
With no exaggerations, exceed your imaginations,
Death by hundreds and thousands, body mutilations,
Famine infiltration, inbred sex relations,
And cover to cover there's no mention of masturbation,
Daughters sleepin' with their fathers, yo just after,
They got him drunk on wine so blind just to starter,
Sodem and Gomorrah, sex enraged get it?
And don't angry at me bro I just read it,
And every young and old man from the town came out,
We wanna rape the two man in lots house so send 'em out,
And more to that, one fact you can run on,
Where do you think the word sodomise comes from?
I suggest read it, the Bible, believe it,
Created by a creative God who conceived it.


It's a story that covers every area,
Of sinful depravity, sick like malaria,
The depths of human wickedness so vile,
You'd struggle to believe that it came from the bible.


This ain't fiction or dead like Christopher Hitchens,
Kids gettin' cooked up in Jerusalem's kitchens,
Cookin' up children eatin' them like animals
The famine so bad ya Dad had turned into a cannibal,
Give me a panadol man this is crazy,
Eatin' babies—brothers sold into slavery,
And some believe the Bible just to be a fable,
But right from Genesis 4 Cain kills able,
Still a fairy tale give it a G label?
Cold blooded murderer and live to tell the tale,
Heads gettin' cut off—people gettin' one off,
Onan stuck by God for lettin' his seed run off,
Sex with mothers, sisters raped by brothers,
And other lovers caught in adultery under cover,
Delila was permiscuous—Potiphers wife was into this,
Tempting Joseph everyday until he gave into this.


The fat king from Judges Eglon is mad hectic,
Makes fat bastard from Austin Powers look anorexic,
Stabbed in the belly like jelly Ehud drove a'
Dagger through his stomach and the fat closed over,
Even if you heard this drunk or straight sober,
Hard to believe like Shreck the green ogre,
Prophets predicting the future Messiah,
Nadab and Abihu consumed by God's fire,
A bunch of kids yelled out 'Baldy' to Elijah,
He prays two bears maul forty kids—I'm not a liar,
God floods the earth Sodem and Gomorrah
Moses prays and the earth swallows up Korah,
God stopped the sun goin' down truly,
Like something from a science fiction movie,
Noah got drunk and passed out the full monty,
And God can use you if He can speak through a donkey,


from The Soli Deo Gloria LP, released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Nobee One Melbourne, Australia

Nobee One (Peter Noble) is an Emcee/Producer/Graff writer from Melbourne, (Oringinally Katoomba) who is also a part the HIP HOP duo DYING TO BE ALIVE.

If you would like to book NOBEE ONE to perform or speak at an event or church near you please contact via: Nobeeone@hotmail.com or Dyingtobealiveaus@hotmail.com
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