The Soli Deo Gloria LP

by Nobee One

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released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Nobee One Melbourne, Australia

Nobee One (Peter Noble) is an Emcee/Producer/Graff writer from Melbourne, (Oringinally Katoomba) who is also a part the HIP HOP duo DYING TO BE ALIVE.

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Track Name: Soli Intro FEAT DJ Dylan Van Es
Yo what up this Nobee One,
All the way from Melbourne Australia,
Representing the Dying To Be Alive Crew,
With a very special guest of mine,
Mr DJ Dylan Van Es on the decks,
And your listening to the Soli Deo Gloria LP.
Track Name: Amazing Grace
Looking back it seems so far away,
Better way, better say, gotta a brighter day.
Ever prayed with a heart thats made of clay?
I tried! praise God that He saved me ey?

No delay like I'm ever gonna run away,
Bringin' It back, savin' a man like me, I shout it out
Regeneration of the heart's all I'm on about.


Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me,
I once was lost but now I'm found,
was blind but now I'm found,
The mystery of the divine,
Would die to set me free,
The God of all the universe,
Could change someone like me.


You can save me from this life and this tragedy,
You can change me from this total depravity

You can change me, you can save me.


Can anybody ever tell me that I gotta live a little when I'm makin' up another Q n' A?
Nobee One Kenobi never bring another gimmick,
Listen in I gotta get it right in every single way,

Do you regret every opportunity, ya never took, never look,
Thinkin' that it might stay?
God I pray for the day that cha live with a heart and mind that gives Him fame,
Like a brother, like none other, so I praise His name,
Heals the lame, doesn't change, always stays the same,
Amazing grace, that changed me from the inside out.
Nobee One I praise the Son then like that I'm out.
Track Name: Mightee Tee Name FEAT Dylan Van Es
He was born unto a virgin, Carpenter raised,
and at 12 years old, if He spoke you'd be amazed.
A galilean, to save a whole nation,
From Jews to Gentiles in collaboration,
His death predicted, birth was prophesied,
His teaching evicted by Pharisees (and) other guys,
You would assume this king was accepted,
Instead put to death on a cross and rejected,
God as a man, the Word in the flesh,
The light of the world comin' out of His breath,
And He came a beacon, redemption plan,
Instead we drove three nails though His hands,
The meek they liked Him, Jews despised Him,
Crowds were screaming out crucify Him!
Pontius Pilate turned a blind eye,
And Peter denied three times before the cock cried,
God the Son put to death—executed
His trial was unjust—but no one disputed,
His death so that you be justified,
The Lamb who died, took the wrath for His bribe,


Praise His mightee tee name!
The save the least as suffering servant,
Praise His mightee tee name!
He died for those who did not deserve it,
Praise His mightee tee name!
You can't steal, break, buy, or earn it.
Praise His mightee tee name!
His judgement comin' there will be no adjournment.


Yo I can understand why, people can't stand religion,
When priests have sex with children and go to prison,
Every time I turn the TV on someones to blame,
Mis-use and misrepresenting of God's name,
And we roll their eyes and believe we're not the same,
Microscope your life and ya' know ya'd be ashamed,
It only takes one person's sinful manifestations,
To give all Christians a bad reputation,
And when I'm witnessing—people get prejudice,
They don't wanna hear about the truth or the evidence,
They're too busy thinking about religious leaders,
They've been offended by christians and preachers,
They might'a met a couple of St Peters,
Man Christians are perfect—but check out this guy Jesus,
I can't vouch for another man's sin,
But God has final judgment on all men.

Track Name: Goin' Down Tonight
When I wake up in the morning,
I'm like 'Where is my tea?'
But my wife is so frustrated,
Cos it's half past 3,
She's like 'What Kinda Father leaves
A family at home? and goes on a rome?
Forgettin' his mobile phone?'
Left the dishes in the sink,
Fourth night in a row,
You better start makin' an effort Pete,
I'm lettin' you know,
'Ya goin' no where Nobee One'
'You ain't hittin' the town'
'You better clean the kitchen sink,
Or you be—goin down!'


Yo I think I'm goin' down!
I'm in so much trouble,
An I don't know if I'll ever come back down tonight.

So here I am I'm cleaning up the lounge room now,
An I'm pickin' up my daughters toys without a frown,
I don't why I bother or just pretend,
Cos tomorrow she'll just make the same mess all again!
Excited bout tonight—cos I'm rockin' a show,
Nobee One is on the mic but I'm just lettin' you know,
When I'm droppin' a flow, you'll theologically know,
Like the mold on my dishes, you'll be ready to grow,
So I step to the door cos my daughters in bed,
But my wife blocked the exit bro, heres what she said,
'Nobee One, ya say your lyrics fresh every line—
How about ya clean the toilet just as fresh as ya rhymes!'


Yo Pete—
Clean the bath room, the toilet and the kitchen sink,
Clean the oven, get the washing, don't stop an' think,
Cook the dinner, get the iron, then make the bed,
Ensure ya daughter has a bath after she's fed,
Clean the window, fold the washing every other time,
And when ya finished put the other washing on the line,
Wipe the bench, then take the garbage outta sight,
Take a rain check,
Your goin' down tonight—
Track Name: Know Exit
You take a late flight, you goin' home right,
You so tired like you (been) up partying all night,
And now you feel like, haven' a sleep right,
But you don't listen to hostess one line,


Feelin' round, your main concern,
Have you got elbow room tonight, tonight.


Do you know your exit?
Do you know your exit?
Do you know your exit, now?


You in the zone, head phones, woke up from ya sleep,
You so tired that you never even heard a peep,
like something so sweet, you hop up on ya feet,
You getting' hungry so you lookin' for something to eat!


Please sit down the Captain's put the seat beat
Warning lights on now,
So please sit down.


Can someone save me?
Can anyone save me?
This is my may-day call tonight.
Track Name: G Rated
So just to start, it wouldn't pass classification,
With war death, blood, battles, rape and lacerations,
With no exaggerations, exceed your imaginations,
Death by hundreds and thousands, body mutilations,
Famine infiltration, inbred sex relations,
And cover to cover there's no mention of masturbation,
Daughters sleepin' with their fathers, yo just after,
They got him drunk on wine so blind just to starter,
Sodem and Gomorrah, sex enraged get it?
And don't angry at me bro I just read it,
And every young and old man from the town came out,
We wanna rape the two man in lots house so send 'em out,
And more to that, one fact you can run on,
Where do you think the word sodomise comes from?
I suggest read it, the Bible, believe it,
Created by a creative God who conceived it.


It's a story that covers every area,
Of sinful depravity, sick like malaria,
The depths of human wickedness so vile,
You'd struggle to believe that it came from the bible.


This ain't fiction or dead like Christopher Hitchens,
Kids gettin' cooked up in Jerusalem's kitchens,
Cookin' up children eatin' them like animals
The famine so bad ya Dad had turned into a cannibal,
Give me a panadol man this is crazy,
Eatin' babies—brothers sold into slavery,
And some believe the Bible just to be a fable,
But right from Genesis 4 Cain kills able,
Still a fairy tale give it a G label?
Cold blooded murderer and live to tell the tale,
Heads gettin' cut off—people gettin' one off,
Onan stuck by God for lettin' his seed run off,
Sex with mothers, sisters raped by brothers,
And other lovers caught in adultery under cover,
Delila was permiscuous—Potiphers wife was into this,
Tempting Joseph everyday until he gave into this.


The fat king from Judges Eglon is mad hectic,
Makes fat bastard from Austin Powers look anorexic,
Stabbed in the belly like jelly Ehud drove a'
Dagger through his stomach and the fat closed over,
Even if you heard this drunk or straight sober,
Hard to believe like Shreck the green ogre,
Prophets predicting the future Messiah,
Nadab and Abihu consumed by God's fire,
A bunch of kids yelled out 'Baldy' to Elijah,
He prays two bears maul forty kids—I'm not a liar,
God floods the earth Sodem and Gomorrah
Moses prays and the earth swallows up Korah,
God stopped the sun goin' down truly,
Like something from a science fiction movie,
Noah got drunk and passed out the full monty,
And God can use you if He can speak through a donkey,
Track Name: Days Of Noah
Many councils of Christians constantly have debated,
Why God love Jacob—but Esau He hated,
See God was free of manipulation,
To pass justice or grace onto His creation,
Will the clay ever speak back to its creator?
Or turn around and say you should'a made me something greater?
Does not the potter have every right over the clay?
To make something He can use in a common way?
With the same lump, make amazing things?
Choose to make a broken pot or a bling bling?
Do you think for one second that the fall of man,
Eating forbidden fruit was out of God's hands?
And God was outta luck—and had to make a plan?
Devise a process scheme so He could same the son of man?
I hope the God we're talkin' bout is the same,
Before the world was made,
The lamb that was slain.


As it was in the days of Noah,
So it will be in the cover of the Son of man.


We genration Y—when we degenerate and die,
We'll leave behind a legacy of Generation—I,
Go down in history as the selfie generation,
Caught in our image and deliberate time wastin,
And the first world problems and issues that we're facin',
Paper chasin' and money money makin.
God takin' the foolish things of the nation,
To shun the wise the proud in due patience,
I pray you'd seek Christ for your salvation,
He's preparing His bride an invitation,
The others are on that way to damnation,
R. C. Sproul Double pre-destination,
Do not be eyes up in your own eyes,
Fear the Lord—shun evil in disguise,
Proverbs 3 verse 7 lettin' it shin,
And find the irresistible Christ,
Your soul is on the line.


If you knew when the the was comin',
You would'a kept watch,

If you knew when! x 2
Ya would'a stayed up and waited all night!

Ya would'a stayed up until the morning light!
Track Name: I need Jesus
Friday night and I'm hanging with my friends,
Nobee One is playing in my town this weekend,
I know all his songs I sing 'em all the time,
Playin' on my stereo—always late at night,

Pre Chorus:

I wanna tell this world how ya saved me,
And I been asking for your Holy Spirit Lately,
I been seeking God for a while now,
I wanna tell the world about you,
Thats why I shout out,


I need Jesus in my life,
I really need Him to survive,
Every day He gets me by,
I'm addicted to His love,
I just cannot get enough,
I'll love Jesus, I'll love Jesus 'till I die!


You just can't say these things,
You need to live this,
Like the Son I must be about my fathers business,
Forgiveness the key to offence is what I'm Brakin'
Shakin' the devil's work hard—the bait of Satan,
Hatin' his schemes and demonic regimes,
A prowling lion, I hate him—know what I mean?
Trying to get a hold of our nations youth,
Through porn, internet, iPhones and blue tooth,
Track Name: Live For You

The Word of God that became flesh,
Came as a servant nothing less,
His blood poured out to save my soul,
The Father crushed Him and was pleased,
Abandoned for the least of these,
The God of all creation made a way,

Pre Chorus:

Jesus save me!
Consecrate me!
Change me from the inside to be,
Just like you,


God of heaven,
In your hands I commit my life,
Lord there's nothing I desire but you,
Who would thought your death that bought me,
Paid by blood spilt out before me,
So everyday I'll live for you my God,


I'm so moved by everything you've done,
You laid your life up for the very sinful wicked ones,
Who am I that you would give your Son,
Lord take my life and everything in you I will become,


Lord there's nothing,
Lord there's nothing,
There is nothing I desire but you, x 2
Track Name: I Do

I know its now or never,
Spending the rest of our entire lives together,
To marry you forever,
And we look past our own faults,
I'm sorry if I'm not all you were hoping,
I chew with my mouth open,

Pre Chorus:

You agree with me now,
That this could be the start of something good,
I know we'll work it out,
From the day we say I do,


I'll love you—sing you a lullaby,
I'll be there—I'll be right by your side,
I promise—to always treat you right,
Until the day we die, x 2


6 years ago we married,
I've never looked back and it's always so exciting,
The songs that songs that I've been writing,
Everyday's a new a adventure,
Waking up next to you every single morning,
I'm sorry for the snoring,


Do you take her to be your lawful wife forever?

Do you take him to your lawful husband—until the day you die?

Bridge 2:

Yes it's true I love,
And I'll never find a girl thats quite like you,
Until the day I die,

Yes it's true I love you,
And I'll never find another one like you,
Until the day I die,
Track Name: Son Direction
My faith is sure, not insecure,
I'm saved by grace through faith forever more,
I pray you'd see, how desperately,
You need salvation to make it into eternity,

Pre Chorus:

God is the one who can always see it,
See your sin so clear,


The way died for my sin like no body else,
You gave your life as ransom for someone else,
You said atonement is done for my sin as well,
So I'd know—I'm looking forward to my funeral,

(You) gave your life as substitute,
You can redeem foolish pop songs to save a few,
I've put to death every breath that is not of you,
So I'd know—I'm looking forward to my funeral,


So c-c'mon—this won't take long,
Why ya gotta be hatin' everything in ya character,
that God is working on?
And ch-chill out,
And settle down,
Why ya gotta be myspacin', Facebook, selfie
freakin' out?
Track Name: When I survey
When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.

Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,
Save in the death of Christ my God!
All the vain things that charm me most,
I sacrifice them to His blood.

See from His head, His hands, His feet,
Sorrow and love flow mingled down!
Did e’er such love and sorrow meet,
Or thorns compose so rich a crown?

Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were a present far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.