How Great Thou Art!

by Nobee One

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This album was put together to glorify God. By God's grace through the medium of Hip Hop, I pray that you are encouraged by the tracks that have been produced. I pray that your love and walk with God is strengthened and seek to find your purpose in Him more fully as these tracks edify your spirit. In His merciful grace. -Nobee 1-


released September 27, 2013

CD text and credits:
Recorded and mixed by NOBEE ONE at DYING TO BE ALIVE studios aka my lounge room.
Mastered by Tony ‘Jack The Bear’ Mantz
Photography by Corey Sleap
Graphic Design by Alex ‘Brian’ Power
All lyrics by NOBEE ONE. All tracks produced by NOBEE ONE except beats on tracks 3. Dr Dre, 4. Goose and 11. Tony D Beats from Tha Cave. Track 16 written by Hans Kristensen and NOBEE ONE. Track 14 produced by Xenios at SAE Sydney.

All NOBEE ONE beats copyright 2013. All rights reserved
Thank you:
This album has been made to the glory of God the father, in honour of God the Son and empowered by God the spirit. Thank you for the atoning sacrifice of your son for the sin of your people, may you forever be lifted up and given due praise! To all who gave their talents and time for this album: Jabs, Urban D, Carly Bowen, Andrew Noble, Richard Green’s Bass Guitar, Hans Kristensen and your acoustic guitar, thank you! Shout out to Resolved Church, City On A Hill and Krosswerdz. Extra special thanks to the financial donations that assisted this project from: Joel Owen, York Kay-Clough and Hayden Stephens. May the labour of your people be not in vain, instead, go on into all eternity. SOLI DEO GLORIA.

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all rights reserved


Nobee One Melbourne, Australia

Nobee One (Peter Noble) is an Emcee/Producer/Graff writer from Melbourne, (Oringinally Katoomba) who is also a part the HIP HOP duo DYING TO BE ALIVE.

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Track Name: Mackle Morality
Mackle Morality
By Peter Noble Copyright 2012
(Spoken) Yo there’s been a lot of controversy about this pro gay marriage song by Macklemore. And ya know I was so moved in my heart by this issue that I just had to write something. Its not the same love as yours or mine. It’s called a different love. Check this out.
Where do I start? This tracks got me bumpin’
I’ve never heard a track with so many assumptions
Straight to the point- topic homosexuality
Is your stage name Macklemore? Or Mackle Morality?

It’s such a tragedy, lackin’ some clarity
You write a song like you’re an expert in Human Anatomy
Your vein philosophy & worldview is a tragedy
Making up a God your comfortable with is called idolatry

It seems you don’t need truth to persuade a nation
Is your conscience and moral standard on vacation?
So here I go Mackle I’ll explain my position
Absolute truth is my first presupposition.

Sin is the reason for the shame and blame game
If you don’t believe me- how do you explain pain?
This love you speak of Mack is just an Idle
& The God you speak of too is not the God of the Bible

Do you actually look at the words you write and listen?
Morality your pressin’ on has got conservatives trippin’
You say, “Live on, be yourself’, wait something’s missin’
Yeah I think I’ll live on be myself and ”Hmm be a Christian”
You claim a neutral ground- morality for Gays
Your worldview Macklemore can’t have it both ways

Deciding what’s right ands wrong for each person
When you went to church did you even listen to the sermons?
These liberal cats are being nice and polite,
Saying being gay’s ok, and it’s all right

But that’s not the truth, not the same love type.
There’s only one way to change it’s through the blood of Christ.

You cannot change, except through the blood of Christ.

See I don’t get it twisted, confusin’, mach’in
Your song is emotional mistaking truth for passion.
Trying to cash in on conservatives hatin’
You should do a colab with Guy Sebastian

You can’t claim to believe Gay is ordinary
And To hold such a belief with no reason is arbitrary
And don’t even be mentioning that piece of paper
Or try to claim it re-name, or frame it for later

Re-wrap it, stack it, and pack it for your position
A man and a woman is what marriage is by definition
And don’t confuse truth for sincerity
Not to mention high rates of infidelity
These you tube comments yes they can be lethal
But who are you to push your worldview onto other people?
You want social justice, rights that are equal
But lack discernment, right from wrong, good from evil

Even though by law it’s not illegal
Consensual, Allowed, tolerated, not lethal
It’s not by the law or government authority
Morals aren’t defined by the voting majority

Or in this case a small voting minority
Suppress truth by unrighteousness the commodity
Gay questions are like a gun that’s loaded
If I disagree I’m accused of being Homophobic
You assume going to church will cure a gay person
But no person is changed by the words in a sermon.
Your right religion can’t change you that’s a fact
No law can change you-only Christ can do that

Procreation only comes from a man and a wife
Any other way is against the building blocks of life

If you read the bible 1 Corinthians thirteen
It demonstrates exactly what I mean
And hold bro I don’t want you to miss this
You can’t explain what love is apart from Solas Christos

This love you speak of is distorted version
On this mic I’m only exalting 3 persons
The triune god who gave his one and only son
Alpha- Omega the was and is and is to come

God the Father the spirit the son
Deuteronomy 6:4 The Lord God is one
And don’t just write me off and say that its nonsense
Cos this goes against a Christians conscience

Just because you’re tempted, to sin intimate
Doesn’t mean you have to give into it
and we could talk all day- internet quarrels
But redefining marriage is redefining morals

‘Ya know, no where in the bible, does God give man the authority to define their sexual orientation…if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come, the old has gone the new is here, 2 Corinthians 5:17 c’mon’
‘You know Mackle, this love that I’m talking about, man it ain’t the same love as the world. This love I’m speaking of is the love that comes from God alone. It is a different love.
For this is love, not that we love God but that He loved us. And sent His son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10
To God alone be the glory
Different love. Let’s open up the scripture and let’s have a look at what the word has to say about it. Let’s look at what the bible has to say about it.